Escape Games

Games4King - Innocent Cute Boy Rescue

Games4King – Innocent Cute Boy ..

There were some houses in a beautiful and magnificent village that looked very b [...]
AvmGames - Kids Playroom Escape

AvmGames – Kids Playroom Escape

Imagine you had just finished the secondary school and you asked your parents we [...]
GenieFunGames - Secret Room Escape

GenieFunGames – Secret Room Escape

Here you are going to play secret room locked escape game. You have been locked [...]
Enagames - The Frozen Sleigh-Mount of Snow Escape

Enagames – The Frozen ..

There is lot of witch in this house ,so first we have to find out where the Sant [...]
Top10NewGames - Find the Christmas Ornaments

Top10NewGames – Find the ..

Assume that you are going to find the Christmas ornaments by using objects, hint [...]
AvmGames - Lighthouse Escape

AvmGames – Lighthouse Escape

This is the best beach that you've ever been so far. You wonder why there are no [...]
Games4King - Cute Girl Escape From The Castle

Games4King – Cute Girl Escape ..

There was a huge fort in a beautiful and magnificent forest. It's very strange t [...]
GenieFunGames - After the New Year Party Escape

GenieFunGames – After the New ..

After the full enjoyment of your new year party you have been locked in the part [...]
Enagames- The Frozen Sleigh-A Bridge Over The River Escape

Enagames- The Frozen Sleigh-A Bridge ..

Now we have to find the coin board which will be used to travel the next locatio [...]
5nGames - Can You Escape The House 5

5nGames – Can You Escape The ..

Someone has been locked up in a room in the house. There is no way for him to es [...]
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